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I don’t consider myself as a really organized person, but having a notebook like this one has helped me a lot. It’s like when you buy clothes to go to the gym, you feel motivated because you got some pretty cool leggins, shoes or whatever. I guess the same happens with notebooks. I think that If I had an ugly notebook and a boring pencil I would always forget to write what I had to do, I don’t know why it happens but it happens hahaha, and since I got some cool pens in every color and post its, and made these notebooks by myself, I have been writing more often what I have to do, I make lists, sometimes I write blog ideas, new classes ideas, or some other times, I draw letters.

And I think it is extremely important to stay organized and keep a notebook, because I really get stressed out with some stuff I have to do, like school work, scholarship service, blog posts, filming classes and videos, keeping my instagram updated, client’s logos/invitations/tshirt designs and so, so much stuff and it is so stressing not staying organized!

So, I use the second notebook to write my To Do Lists (like homework, blog ideas and classes) and the other one I use it moslty for drawing and practice my lettering, more like a journal where I also write my thoughts, and it helps me to relax sometimes.

So I want to encourage you to keep a really cute notebook, you can either make it yourself or buy one. If you want to make it, it’s really, realllyyyy easy. You only need a simple notebook, you don’t need to buy anything expensive, and be sure the surface of the cover is not glossy, more like a hard paper where you can paint with acrylics. Once you have the notebook and the paint, you need to think of colors that look good together. You can find a lot of color palletes on instagram or pinterest, and now that you have that too, you can start to paint however you like. It’s simple, and very relaxing to do. And I think that having a notebook made BY YOU, makes you want to use it a lot, because you made it!! How cool is that, huhhh?


I hope you got inspired by reading this post and make a notebook to get organized!!!

Tag me on instagram if you made one! I always love seeing the work you send me 🙂


btw I love Emma Stone




25 February, 2017
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