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Modern Calligraphy

“Simple instructions with great many examples. I would recommend this class to anyone! Thank you for the great class. Your work is beautiful!”  Makiko Orser Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer

“For a seventeen year old she has the makings of being one of the worlds greatest calligraphy teachers! love the project and all the optional lettering styles” Maureen Peters

“Instructor speaks very well. She is organized and it is obvious that she knows this subject well. She is willing to share other types of letters to make, not just one style.” Judith Hicks

“Ale is a very talented young lady. She is an excellent instructor and shares a wealth of fun lettering ideas in this class.” Jo C.

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4 Watercolor Projects You Should Try

“Great class on ideas for watercolor. I love the watercolor look, but I do not really know what to do with it most of the time. These are awesome inspirational ideas. Loved them all!” Taylor McLean

“Beautiful projects and good explanation. Thank you!” Marcy Coate Crafter & Digital Designer

“She is so talented. She made these projects look so fun and easy.” Linda Lindsay Habitual Crafter

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Basic Mandalas for Beginners

“Great class. Clearly and simply demonstrates how to make basic mandalas both free hand and with guides. Also covers coloring techniques with marker and watercolors. Highly recommend!” Kelli Rocherolle

“Very easy to follow and so inspiring to create beautiful Mandalas with various techniques. Thumbs up. Thanks.” Maria Silvo Coloring Bookworm

“Great tips for easy mandala creation.” Jo C.

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Watercolor Florals: Fun Projects

“Fun class … chock full of doable, pretty watercolor flowers and leaves. Thank you!” Jo C.

“Just love it. Very well explained and so easy to view. Very good tips” Sandra Di Liberto

“This is a good basic class for watercoloring flowers. The instructions are clear and easily understood. She includes a couple of fun projects, too.” Julie Yarbrough Onward

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Christmas Calligraphy

“Ale teaches you beautiful ways to do christmas calligraphy cards, I totally loved the christmas leaves, she gives you multiple ideas of how to do them and then you can incorporate them to your design, I highly recommend this class.” Esmeralda Jonsson

“Ale is a great instructor for one so young. The ideas she shares in this class are approachable and would make a lovely addition to any holiday gift or home decor. The ideas are Christmas specific but could easily be adapted to any occasion. Thank you for sharing these ideas!” Jo C.

“Loved this video. Ale is good at explaining her technique. Very good.” Judith Hicks

“Wonderful tutorial. It has put me in the mood for making Christmas cards.”  Brenda Reeves

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Watercolor Lettering (Fun Techniques)

“This was helpful for me especially as I learn to blend my colors. Thank you!” Shelley Hitz Author, Illustrator, Artist, Author Coach

“Very nice watercolor lettering class.” Franchelle Contreras Artist

“It’s fun and informative.” Heather MacDonald

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Hand Lettering 1: Step by Step

“Ale is a great teacher! Approachable and simple instructions make one believe their lettering dreams can be achieved with, as Ale encourages, “a little practice”.” Cindy Fort

“Fun informative instruction and the instructor clearly loves and is knowledgeable about her subject. I learned a lot in this class and i went to school for graphic design but we concentrated on the stuffy side of graphics and type use, this was the fun, frilly side of lettering. I loved it.” Julie Yarbrough

“Very nice class about all basics you will need to start create a lettering. Thanks for ideas.” Arina Polishchuk

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Pretty + Detailed Botanical Illustration

“Lately I’ve been enjoying practicing loose watercolor florals. I love that Ale’s latest class has shown me how simple it is (might be—ha ha!)) to add a bit of realism. Thanks, Ale, for sharing your technique and talent with us!” Jo C.

“Excellent class! I really enjoyed it and found the tips very valuable to a beginning watercolor artist. Thank you Ale, for a great class!!”DeeDee Knight 

“Excellent class. This was the type of botanicals I was looking for!” Al Diaz.

“Loved the explanations in this class, it’s easy to follow and what a lovely class project too!” Mira Metzler

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Lettering Inside Figures

“Ale is a good instructor. She explains her steps and is easy to understand. It was fun watching her make her magic” Judith Hicks

“Loved it, got some cool ideas and inspiration from this class. I will try them out for sure!” Mira Metzler

“A quick class with some fun techniques to try!”  Shelley Hitz

“Ale is so talented. I have taken several of her classes and she’s amazing giving new ideas and spins to projects” Esmeralda J.

“Very easy to follow, and no expensive tools needed! Love her approach!” Dawn Howell

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11 February, 2017