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Hi friendsss! In this post I want to share with you my all time favorite art supplies that I’ve been using for a while.

I am a hand letterer, illustrator and calligrapher, so I’m always using watercolors, pens and ink mostly. Most of the things I have I get them on amazon, and I don’t buy expensive stuff, so what I have is pretty affordable.

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For Hand Lettering.

I am always, ALWAYS doodling on my journal, so my favorite pens are the Micron Pens, they will always be my favorite. I once used Staedler pens, they’re good, but Micron Pens last longer and in my personal opinion, they’re way better. I always use the 01 or 03. For larger pieces and more coverage, you can go with 05, or 08.

Some really cool pens are the gelly roll pens. Those pens are MAGIC. If you try them with black paper, your drawings/letters will look so beautiful! I always use those for drawing mandalas or for little details. And if you get them, try them with different paper colors!


Brush Pens

Tombow pens are the best brush pens you’ll ever have. They aren’t cheap, but If you’re serious about lettering, I recommend them %100.


The one I use the most is the Artist Loft one. It’s a chep pallete, and it has a lot of amazing colors and great, greaaaat quality. I love them very much.

I have this other pallete “kuretake gansai” I think, and it’s gourgeous. It is a little bit expensive, but it is really big, and has a lot of pretty colors including gold and silver, and the box it comes with is very cute.

My tiniest pallete is the Watercolor Confections in Tropical. This pallete is wonderful because it is very little and practical, and it comes with a blending space, and the watercolors are very intense, very vibrant colors.

I also have the Ph Martins Fine Art Watercolor, and they are very intense and cool. I bought these bottles individually because I wanted to try them first, and then I would buy the other colors. They are perfect for big paintings, they are very pigmented, so what I do is just take a little drop, and mix it with water first, and then I’ll work with that. What the problem is with these watercolors, is that they’re the most expensive. But if you are really, really into watercolors, go buy them, they are very great quality.


Ph Martins. I don’t know what it is about this brand, I am completely in love with their products!

First, there’s the white ink “bleed proof white” This ink is wonderful! I use it mostly for calligraphy, but I also use it for details to my watercolor illustrations, it really is the best.

The iridescent calligraphy colors, from Ph Martins also. I have them in gold and pink, and they are very beautiful, because when you use them, they kind of hide the shaky lines and they shine and please, use the gold ink on black paper, you won’t regret it.

I used all these inks for Christmas cards and they turned out very, very pretty. I’m so in love.


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Thank you for reading, leave a comment if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi.


20 January, 2017
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